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SAGI GAMES was established in February 2017.

Most of the company's members are from Tencent, NetEase, ChangYou and other top Internet companies. A group of super game players who are in game industry for more than 10 years´╝îlet our corporate culture focus on leisure, simplicity, happiness, continuous challenges and No Game No Life as the professional attitude.

The company intends to vigorously develop the domestic and overseas markets, focusing on casual games and small games by self-developed At present, there are 60+ small games and multiple overseas APP games which are operated simultaneously. Among them, "Heads-up Basketball" has been launched in cooperation with WCBA in the form of online competitions.


Shooter Genius

Shooter Genius is a competitive shooting game in which players can experience the fun of competition. A variety of props, matching by yourself.Aiming and shooting!

Basketball Duel 1v1

Take on your friends in 1v1 Basketball Duel. Easy to learn and control.Collect cool and unique characters. Free match, a variety of competitions with unlimited passion.

Animal TD

Animal TD is a game of tower defense, filled with fun, strategies, and challenge. You can command different animals to fight against the invasion of foreign machinery. You can get an extraordinary experience in the game.

Genius Shooter

Make a way out in the rain of bullets! Become the most Genius Shooter. Random skills, various heroes, rich maps. Every time you play, there is an extraordinary experience that is surprising and exciting.

Street Fighting

Street Fighting is an exquisite 3D mini game. Search for your own partners on the street and build a huge team to grow into the most cool boy in the street.

Tank Warning

Tank Warning is the new 3D tank fighting game in endless thrilling gameplay. You can drive the coolest tank and gallop in the thrilling tank arena.


Really love the game business
Have vigorous curiosity
Life-long learning
Spirit of teamwork
Bear the responsibility
Be happy individual
Let those who work hard have dignity

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